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Duramax Sidemate Plastic Shed

Duramax Sidemate Plastic Shed

The Duramax Sidemate Plastic Shed is ideal for beside the home or garage and offers excellent storage facilities and and is very easy to install.

Duramax Sidemate Plastic Shed is available in one size and clad with the highest quality pvc on a strong steel frame and supports. The Duramax Sidemate provides a safe and secure storage space. The Duramax Sidemate is manufactured from fire retardant durable pvc. It is also weather and fade proof, it will never rust, rot nor require painting every year.

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Duramax Sidemate Shed


Duramax Plastic Sheds

Duramax Plastic Sheds are manufactured from extremely high quality, fire retardant PVC vinyl with steel frames and supports. DuraMax plastic sheds are highly durable, will not rust or rot, nor lose their colour due to weathering.

DuraMax plastic sheds never need painting or treatment of any kind. All DuraMax plastic sheds come with a 15 year limited warranty.

DIY self install DuraMax plastic vinyl sheds are available in a wide range of sizes, optional garden shed foundation flooring kits and shed window kits can also be supplied on certain plastic shed models.

Duramax Plastic Sheds